Navigable waters are the lifeblood of Louisiana’s economy and character. With a robust maritime industry and boating culture, casualties on the water are inevitable. It seems every New Orleans-based firm has a ‘maritime’ tab on its website, but not every firm has the requisite experience in both the maritime and insurance industries to effectively defend marine insurance and liability claims.

At Strauss Massey Dinneen llc, we have both. Our attorneys are Louisiana-educated, which means they understand the nuances of maritime law. That practical knowledge is indispensable in cases involving maritime torts or contracts, where unfamiliarity with the unique rules of the road is fatal to claims and defenses.  Our offices are both located in major port-cities, keeping us close to the maritime industries.

We bring this specialization to our national clients, assisting in the defense of vessel collision and personal injury & death claims. Our lawyers have also represented stevedoring companies, inland oilfield service companies, and vessel owners in Jones Act claims. In addition to assisting with specific marine exposures, we advise clients on regulatory, employment, and commercial matters.

Our firm’s maritime skillset, combined with our transportation and trucking capacity, allows us to assist clients in intermodal and Carmack Amendment cargo claims.