Insurance Fraud comes in many forms, and with technology providing new tools for insurers to better identify and prove fraud, fraudsters are responding and evolving their schemes. Partnering with lawyers experienced in defending and prosecuting fraud claims is critical to a successful S.I.U. group.

Our lawyers in Louisiana and Mississippi have represented S.I.U. and M.C.I.U. groups for national insurers for the entirety of their careers. We serve as General Counsel to the Louisiana chapter of the I.A.S.I.U. We have litigated and tried to verdict: arson, vehicle theft and burn, staged accident, caused accident, staged theft, exaggerated/false injury, application fraud, life policy fraud, medical provider fraud, and other types of suspect/fraudulent claims.

Sometimes the successful defense of fraudulent claims is not enough to deter fraud schemes. We are presently representing insurers in the investigation and filing of affirmative claims against medical providers engaged in apparent fraudulent conduct intended to manufacture or exaggerate personal injury claims.